Lanson Rose


Lanson were one of the first producers to market pink Champagne and their Lanson Rose label NV is a popular mainstay of their range, sandwiched between their gold label and black label products.

It’s a blend of 32% Chardonnay, 53% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Menuier grape varieties.

There is a bouquet of apple and citrus with a gentle hint of vanilla. In the mouth it is smooth and well balanced, not too subtle or too strong and there is a bit of sweetness and a faint hint of almonds on the finish.

On pouring, a cloud of bubbles created a lingering mousse eventually giving way to steady vertical streams of bubbles. Once settled, a light gold/yellow colour was evident, with only the slightest pink tinge visible.

I really think you get what you pay for with Champagne. This one is lovely though! The more I sip it, the more I like it. In fact I just realised that I actually love it. It gets better and better. I’m placing this one at the bottom of the elite champagnes and that’s still a great result!

So for that special occasion, treat yourself to a bottle from any leading retailer.

However if you prefer to support your highly respected independent retailer then i would recommend Taurus Wines in Surrey.

Their website is here: Taurus Wines Website

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