Franschhoek Cellar Pinotage 2013

The Franschhoek Cellar Pinotage 2013 priced at £7.49 in the shops was certainly welcome after the day I had

After finishing a full day of meetings today we were driving home as we found ourselves driving past Haywards Restaurant at Hurtwood Park and thought why not it would rude not to.

As our order was taken we asked Richard to recommend a wine. He recommended the Franschhoek Cellar Pinotage 2013 from South Africa and we thought why not lets give it a try.

This easily has to be the best bottle of wine we have reviewed this year. This is an incredibly interesting wine, Pinotage is a must try for anyone expanding their choice of wine. It’s genetic cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault, this wine is deep and inky and you will experience a wine that has more characteristics of a Shiraz with deep dark fruits and tobacco.

And the best bit is still to come. We Googled it and to our surprise its amazing value too.

We have just purchased a case of six and cannot wait for our next wine tasting evening as this one will be on display

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