Vanderburg Shiraz Pinotage 2014

This Vanderburg Shiraz Pinotage 2014 is currently 33% off at £4.99 from the Co-Op and we thought lets take a chance on this one.

Pinotage – Shiraz is a red-wine blend commonly found in South Africa. The two grape varieties that make up the blend are very much at home in the Western Cape – Pinotage was first bred in Stellenbosch, and Shiraz, originally from France (where it is known as Syrah), is grown extensively in the region’s vineyards. Together, the two make a deep, brooding wine with ample tannins and dark spiced-fruit flavors.

Pinotage is really only grown in quantity in South Africa, and is held in mixed regard by wine lovers; it has a somewhat poor reputation that is regularly challenged by the excellent wines it produces. Wines made from Pinotage can be deep and rich, with jammy, herbaceous characters and hints of dark chocolate.

This Vanderburg Shiraz Pinotage 2014 is a beautiful wine from the Western Cape, South Africa. I thought it went really well with our evening meal, which is pretty much always something nice from the Cook Shop at the weekend, We could definitely taste plums, damsons, and a touch of nutmeg. Very nice, and a bargain too.

This wine will also go well with these food

  • Spicy sausage stew
  • Lamb korma curry
  • Spaghetti with meatballs

From the bottle label –
Layers of sweet spice, berry and subtle plum aromas follow through to a rounded palate. Its soft tannins and full fruit work perfectly well with medium-rare chops and it will not be overpowered by strong flavours of garlic, rosemary or caramelised onions. Enjoy now, or within two years from vintage.

Colour: Red
Closure: Screw Top
Alcohol by Volume: 13.5%
Grape: Pinotage and Shiraz
Country: South Africa

In fact we went back to Co-op tonight to get a couple more bottles before they sell out. Whilst this wine is on offer at £4.99 do get yourself a bottle or two as you wont be disappointed.

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