Meat in the Middle Horsham

Meat in the Middle Horsham is a bit tucked in a corner right outside the Piries Place car park, so it may get overlooked, but it’s worth the visit! When you walk in, there are two long communal style tables with little backless stools to sit on.

We were excited by this new restaurant, a gap in the market in Horsham being filled, sadly it didn’t really live up to expectations, whilst some of our food was very good others were quite disappointing.

Meat in the Middle Horsham needs to decide if they are an up market burger joint (as their pricing implies) or a faster food offering (as their menu implies). For £7 you can have a burger for £9 you can have a bacon burger, the additional £2 only buys you 1/2 a rasher of streaky bacon. The choice of buns though is a nice touch.

I had a Chilli, Cheese and Chunky Chips whilst my other half had the pulled pork in a brioche bun. The pulled pork was fantastic. Super juicy, perfectly cooked in a brioche bun and a fairly healthy portion of fries on the side. My choice of dish however was a little disappointing although the chunky chips which are perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the outside. The portions are giant. Neither of us could finish!

The restaurant itself is very nice, unusual and quirky, the toilets whilst unisex are actually really nice, funky and unique. It is an overall shame to come away so confused as it its not GBK or Five Guys but is perfect for hangover food.

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