La Toledana Gavi 2014

I’ve always had a soft spot for Gavi, and even if the label looks a little bit like it was hand-drawn by a small child, then that just adds to the charm, and on offer for £7.99 from Majestic Wines its worth buying a bottle or two

These days if you mention Italian white wine chances are your first thoughts will be Pinot Grigio. One of the first white wines from Italy to really gain an international following though was Cortese di Gavi usually known simply as Gavi. It shares many of the same qualities that make Pinot Grigio so popular, paired with a firm, ripe and steely dry character that makes it reminiscent of fine Chablis, so much so that it has earned the moniker ‘Chablis of Italy’.

Gavi takes its name from the titular village, nestled in Piedmont, north-western Italy. Made from the local Cortese grape variety, it will often be named for the commune within the Gavi zone. ‘Gavi di Gavi’ is one of the most sought-after coming from the vines immediately around the village of Gavi.

Gavi benefits from a maritime climate and it is no coincidence that this wine will pair well with fresh and delicate seafood such as grilled scallops. It’s fresh, light yet rich character also means that it’s delightful on its own.

This La Toledana Gavi 2014 is delicate, floral, crisp with a hint of acid on the back palette which suggests a good food wine, however, it is very easy to drink on its own. I’ll look for this again.

Colour: White
Closure: Cork
Alcohol by Volume: 13%
Grape: Cortese
Country: Italy

Dry Scale: Very Dry

You can buy this wine from Majestic Wines here.

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