Wabi Horsham – Japanese fine dining and cocktail bar

Wabi is Michelin-star quality; fine dining at its best, and at lunch time its Wagamama prices.

Sadly Wabi in Horsham has now closed and on a look out for a new Saturday lunch time venue
For the last couple of months, I have found myself starting the weekend in Wabi with a coffee and catching up on all the things I have not had the chance to finish off work-wise during the week while Monica heads into the town for the weekend’s shopping.

Today I arrived at 11 am and took my usual seat by the window and ordered a cappuccino and settled in trying to achieve inbox zero. The contemporary music was playing over the speakers, and I had the venue to myself but not for long. The place inside an hour was starting to fill, and the atmosphere picked up which reminded me of the trendy Soho bars in London

The staff are all chilled and friendly, and I have gotten to know then over the months. In fact, I don’t even have to order my first coffee anymore, it just arrives.
Wabi in Horsham is a Japanese restaurant and is one of the finest places to eat in town. The downstairs area offers a more casual eating experience with a cocktail bar while the upstairs is slightly more formal and includes private booths. The decor both upstairs and downstairs is gorgeous, From the luxurious leather sofas and chairs to the dark wood tables and modern mood lighting.
onica usually joins me around 1 pm for a rather reasonably priced and tasty lunch. Today we started with the Edamame beans, squeezed from the salty pods straight into the mouth made for a fun and delicious starter. For our mains, I had the Chicken Kara Age Curry, and Monica had the Sushi and Sticks. The meal was impeccably presented and tasted even better; each mouthful was a delight with an incredible taste explosion that I have only experienced before in some of the top places in London.
Wabi is Michelin-star quality; fine dining at its best, and at lunch time its Wagamama prices.
The wine list here is just superb; someone has carefully hand-picked this selection as each one is a treat in a bottle. Last year while holidaying in southern Spain we found a truly stunning red wine called Juan Gill Monastrell silver label and Wabi have it on their menu. Result!. What’s even better, if you don’t finish the bottle, they have a machine that perfectly preserves it and they will store it for ready for your next visit. I’m never ordering by the glass again.
To book a table visit Wabi at 38 East Street, Horsham, call 01403 788140 or email [email protected] You can view the menu online at www.wabi.co.uk
So am I going back next weekend, Yes quite likely, just love this place. I will be on my perch with the laptop, a coffee and a glass of Juan Gill Monastrell – Come and help me finish a bottle. See you there