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What more could you ask for when watching Germany take on Italy in Euro 2016 than a Pizza with a glass of Italian Gavi. We are fortunate enough to live within Pizza distance of the Mucky Duck Inn in Rudgwick, who have a bit of a reputation for making a mean one

We arrived about an hour before the game so that we order a Pizza and then take it home in time for the match. We ordered a thin crust Breakfast Pizza and the V Special. The Breakfast Pizza came with Sausage, Bacon, Mushrooms and a Fried egg while the V in the V Special did not stand for Vegetarian it is in fact named after the landlord’s wife. The V Special comes with Olives, Sweetcorn, Chorizo and Jalapeno peppers.

The Pizzas were averagely priced ranging from a 9″ for about £10 a 12″ for about £15 and a 15″ for almost £20. While we waited to watch the warm up to the game we ordered a lovely Glass of Malbec wine, a pint, and lime and soda water (well somebody had to drive)

The Pizza arrived within 30 mins inside traditional Pizza boxes Surprisingly the Pizzas were hot, scorching almost pop tart hot so we knew they would be warm when we got home. As Pizzas go these are well worth the small drive to pick them up, we prefer to order these over the usual national pizza companies as they taste so much better and as really cannot beat a fabulous home-baked pizza.

Once home, with the game about to start, we opened a bottle of Venturina Gavi 2015 from Waitrose and set about open the pizza boxes with great anticipation.

Both Pizzas were well cooked striking the perfect balance between a soft topping and a crispy base. The breakfast Pizza was lovely; the Sausages were full of flavour as were the mushrooms. Then to top it off the runny egg oozed over the cheese topping like liquid gold. The V Special was appetizing if not a little spicy, these Pizzas we certainly not bland.

The Wine seemed to complement the food nicely and was as crisp as the Pizza base, read our review of the Venturina Gavi 2015 from Waitrose

The Mucky Duck located at Tismans Common, Rudgwick near Horsham – on the Surrey and Sussex borders. Roger and his dedicated staff have proudly served the local community for more than two decades and have carved out a little niche for themselves with their Pizzas.

If you have not been, you should pay them a visit.

The Mucky Duck Pizza Review
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